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Are RTC and other CLM applications supported in Docker Containers?

Andre Gusmao (802340) | asked Dec 06 '17, 7:12 a.m.

Are CLM applications (specially RTC) supported in Docker Containers? Some companies are starting to evaluate the pros/cons of moving their CLM Production environment from virtual machines to Docker Containers. Their ultimate goal is to reduce IT costs.
I've found some pretty interesting information about it ( and But I haven't found any official documentation that states the support for Docker Containers, so I decided to post this question.
So the questions are:
- as of now (6.0.5), is there support for running RTC and other CLM applications in Docker Contrainers?
- If not, is there an estimate of when it will be supported?


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Daniel Moul (4.9k1118) | answered Dec 06 '17, 9:10 a.m.

Today we do not supply RTC or the other CLM applications in Docker containers, but I have heard of people running their CLM systems in containers.

We do have some work going on in our labs to containerize and provide more automation for operational CLM environments, and we presented progress on this in a session at the CE Summit conference last month in New Orleans. We are not far enough along to provide a release date for this. 

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