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Which license does the dcc_user need?

Guido Schneider (3.4k1383110) | asked Jan 31 '15, 9:17 a.m.
edited Jan 31 '15, 2:30 p.m.
Dear All,

I installed and configured DCC to replace the ETL jobs for data collection.

To collect data, there is a user created during registering the application, called dcc_user.
This user did not get any license per default, so I need to assign one.

There exists several data collector licenses on the system. From each there exists exactly one license:
  • Data Collection Component - Internal
  • Data Collector
  • CCM Data Collector
  • QM Data Collector
  • RM Data Collector

In the help it's written, the dcc_user needs the "Data Collector" license, But why is there a "Data Collection Component" license when I need the one, which is already in use for the "dw_user"?

If I assign the "Data Collection Component" license, most DCC jobs will work, but two jobs fail:

  • CCM-Build: error message "The dcc_user does not have a Contributor Floating or Token license".
  • Quality Manager:$3: Error 403: SRVE0295E: Error reported: 403

If I move the "Data Collector" license from the "dw_user" to the "dcc_user" the collector jobs are running correctly.


  • is the "dw_user" not used anymore, so I can safely remove the license from this user, if I have all jobs on DCC and not running any ETL's?
  • Is it correct, to assign the "Data Collector" license and not use the "Data Collection Component" License, or is it a bug, that the "Data Collection Component" does not have enough rights to run all data collection jobs?

For the time being, DCC is running well on my system, but I like to clarify this license issue.


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Francesco Chiossi (5.7k1719) | answered Feb 02 '15, 4:31 a.m.
Hello Guido,

my understanding is that dcc_user is only the functional user created to enable the communication between the CLM application (the same as jts_user ccm_user rm_user qm_user ...) not the user that should perform the data collection.

If you come from using the CLM data collection job you might already have a data collection user (commonly refereed as etl_user or maybe in your case dw_user) that was assigned with Jazz_Admin repository permission ans the various data collector licenses).
You can still use the same user in DCC to perform the data collections.

The user can be set in DCC > Configuration > Resource Group Configuration > [Application Name]; or otherwise in the Configure Data Warehouse step of the DCC setup in the last section of the page.

Best Regards,

Francesco Chiossi
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