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Where are my CLM reporting resources?

Tony Kwa (20422) | asked Nov 15 '15, 4:59 p.m.
I am starting a new project on CLM.  All the applications are at V4. (RRC,RTC,RQM)

I can see reports for other projects on the same server and there is a datawarehouse export link for other projects.   I think there is some set up which is missing to enable reporting (datawarehouse) for the new project.  What I am looking for is the Derby database resource where I can create custom reports against the RRC, CCM and RQM tables.    I found some RRDI set up information for CLM but it looks like server set up which should only be done once (which has been done)   Is there a level of set up which has to be done for each new project?

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Tony Kwa (20422) | answered Nov 15 '15, 6:53 p.m.
Found it....All projects are visible in the cognos datawarehouse. 

I just need to identify my own project through a filter.  The customer report links (grouped by project) is part of the structure of out portal.    No additional set up needed for new projects.

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