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Why can't I see my links in Rational Team Concert when creating a work Item from Rational System Architect? I'm able to see the derives link in Requirements composer when creating a requirement from Sytem Architect.

anup Gaur (1392444) | asked Jan 24 '15, 4:52 p.m.
I'm using Rational System Architect and XT with CLM 4.0.6. I have also used MS SQL Express 2008 R2 for System Architect while CLM is using an express installation with Derby. I did configure the OSLC consumer links between the SA and CLM.
1) I'm able to create links to Requirement and work Item from System Architect.
2) I'm able to create links from RM and CCM applications to System Architect diagrams and definitions.

While on creation of a requirement from SA to RM I'm able to see the derives link(created automatically), I'm unable to see any link in the work item that I create from SA. Is this by design or I'm missing something in the configuration?
The reverse link from work Item is not created automatically, while I'm able to create it manually using "Elaborated by Architecture Element" link type. Shouldn't it get created automatically like how it is working for me in RRC and SA?

I followed the below Developer works article and other resources for this integration.

Stef van Dijk commented Jan 25 '15, 9:03 p.m.

This question is very similar to an issue reported to Support that is currently under investigation. I'll be sure to post the findings here when they are available.

That said, no, reverse links (aka, backlinks) are not automatically created when linking between SA and the CLM apps. Instead a "discovery" process is used to retrieve links via OSLC when the correct project associations are established.

You might also find this documentation useful in terms of what links can and cannot be created:!/SS6RBX_11.4.3/

anup Gaur commented Jan 26 '15, 2:19 p.m.

Hi Stef,
Thanks for the comments.
What I have seen is that backlinks in RRC(derives link) are getting created but not in CCM / RTC. I'm using SA V with CLM 4.0.6.
Do you think Design manager is the way to go about it if I want a full cycle Links for change set and other traceabilities with System Architect and CLM?

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