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Usability: Artifact List Query Settings not always applied

James DeVries (1174) | asked May 20 '09, 11:04 a.m.
Issue: Artifact List Query Settings work when using the View actions from the main RQM menu but do not apply in other cases. For usability reasons maybe they should apply on other queries.

For example:
If I click the Add Existing Test Cases button on a Test Plan the Add Test Cases window opens up but I must expand the view build and click Run to get a list of Test Cases. This happens even if I have selected "Automatically run My Query when opened" and "Initially open the View Builder section" in the Preferences.

I have tested on the following versions: 1.0.1,, 2.0 beta 1

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Helen Lozoraitis (60624) | answered May 20 '09, 5:46 p.m.
Hi, it looks like this hs been addressed in Beta 2.0 to behave as you have suggested. There is also an additional Preference available so you can choose to 1) automatically run the query by default or not; 2) show only "My" artifacts by default or not; and 3) initially open the View Builder section by default or not. Hope that helps.

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