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Can not create new requirements after adding new attributes to Req definition

Tony Kwa (20117) | asked Dec 03 '14, 4:44 p.m.
Our Main Requirement Type is a very large structure with 160 attributes. 

In the latest review - they wanted 60 more attributes to added.  After this was done - we finished up with 220 attributes in the Requirement Type.  The problem we have now is that we can't create new requirements anymore.  The Create Artifact screen stops and we can cancel out of the create process but it never succeeds. 

It looks very much like this is a RCC limitation.  You can argue that the Requirements Management Team needs revisit the Definition of the Type but this is something that evolved over time.  And we already have in excess of 300 Requirements.

Further testing  has shown that the other parts of RRC is still functioning normally.  It is only this requiremnt type and it is the creation process which is a problem.  We are still able to create and work with other Requirement Types.(with smaller definitions).  There is a test I ran which indicates that it is the saving process that is failing.   I can create a new Requirement with a smaller Requirement Type. If I open the new requirement and change the Type to the big Requirement type the screen updates to display the big Requirement attributes ready for input.  It fails at the same point - i.e. while saving the new type.

Has anybody seen this limitation before and what can we do about it?


Erica Tran commented Dec 04 '14, 10:45 a.m.

Hi Tony, 
I'm not aware of any limitation.  What do you mean the "Create Artifact screen stops"?  Are there any error in the web UI or the rm.log?  If so can you included those? 

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Tony Kwa (20117) | answered Dec 04 '14, 4:25 p.m.
There are no errors messages.  I can click on the Finish Button and RRC seems to attempt to save the record and open the artifact.  But it never succeeds in saving the record so it just sits there.  I can click cancel and do other things.    I have left it for long periods to see if it is a latency issue.  But it just never succeeds.

I think it is a records structure size problem because this has only become and issue since we added 60 more attributes to the Requirement Type.  Also - the other smaller requirement types are still functioning normally.

I have run other tests:

Editing existing records in the does not work anymore either.  It all points to the fact that we can't save records in this requirement type.  So no edits or new records can be made.

If I do a 'Create New artifact" for  one of the other  (smaller) requirement types.  It succeeds and can be opened.  I can edit the new requirement - but if I can change the requirement type to the Big requirement.  RRC - updates the screen and displays the attibutes of the big reuiqrement type.  However- if I try to save the records  it fails the same way.  I.E. sits there, no error message until I cancel out of the screen.

RRC has no mandatory controls on fields so it is not a attribute data integrity problem.   Any advise?  Please.  The client is talking about exporting existing data to excel...and throwing out RRC for this project.

Erica Tran commented Dec 04 '14, 4:44 p.m.

Hi Tony, I would expect something in the RM log.  Is there anything else unusual about requirement type that is unusual?  I would suggest opening a PMR for further investigation.

Tony Kwa commented Dec 04 '14, 4:51 p.m.

Thanks.  I have done that but SWG was not optimistic about finding a solution.  It is very disappointing that such a minor thing can bring the project to a halt and send us back to the dark ages using a spreadsheet to manage requirements.

Tony Kwa commented Dec 04 '14, 7:40 p.m.

OK.  we just examined the RM log..  There are a standard set of messages which come up when a valid "create" transaction is generated  (including a warning message which I was told is normal for our configuration).   When we use the problem requirement type - we get the standard warning and then nothing else. No errors nothing.

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