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How to identify Suspect Test Cases

Chidambaram L (2343669) | asked Oct 07 '14, 11:57 a.m.
Following is the scenario:
Step 1) Requirement created and added to Requirement Collection
Step 2) Requirement Collection linked to Test Plan
Step 3) Requirements reconciled from the Requriements Collection link; Test Case created.
Step 4) Requirement is edited

How will the tester know that the requirement is updated ? If suspect link will work, how to configure suspect link ? Suspect links creates new icons near the "Validated By" link in RRC. These icons does not appear in the "Artifact Explorer (Browse artifact screen)".

Reconciling Requirements Collection does not understand the changes to the existing Requirements.

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Donald Nong (14.5k414) | answered Oct 08 '14, 12:20 a.m.
You need to reconcile the requirements within the Test Case. This works for me in RQM 5.0.1. Steps below with "JKE Banking (Quality Management)" sample project.
1. Open Test Plan "Development Test".
2. Go to "Test Cases" section and verify that Test Case "Allocate Dividends by Percentage" validates Requirement "Allocate dividends by Percentage".
3. Open Requirement "Allocate dividends by Percentage" and make some changes to the primary text (the main content).
4. Open Test Case "Allocate Dividends by Percentage".
5. Go to the "Requirement Links" section.
6. Select all the Requirements (only one in this case).
7. Click on the "Reconcile Requirement" button.
8. The Requirement appears in the "Requirements changed since the last reconciliation" prompt.
9. Select the Requirement and choose Ignore, Clear Suspicion or Mark Suspect as appropriate.

Chidambaram L commented Oct 09 '14, 2:43 p.m.

Tester has to go to each test case to check of the Test Case is a Suspect. This is cumbersome when user has to check more than 10 Test Cases every day. My client is not yet with Agile development where Requirement will be frozen before the start of the sprint; customer is still with waterfall model with 4 months of development time period. Requirements change within this time period.
Is there a way for the Tester to monitor the Suspect Test Cases from one report (either from RRC or RQM or RRDI or Insight) ?

Donald Nong commented Oct 10 '14, 2:27 a.m.

The reconcile operation is required to set the test case to be a suspect. If you only need to "view" the suspect status, you can always add the "Suspect" column in the view.

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