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Insight reports are "empty" after moving from "testphases per test plan" to single timeline

Wayne Belshaw (14887) | asked Jun 23 '14, 11:31 a.m.

In our IBM consultant helped us create an RRDI template for all of our RQM projects (we edit for each project).  The template provides a dump of all TCER status for a given project for a given testphase.

We are now using 4.0.4 and Insight and migrated our original templates earlier.   They have worked fine under Insight after our upgrade.

We have been instructed to move from testphases assigned to each test plan to a single timeline with iterations for our newer projects.  Each test plan would then link to this single timeline and associated iterations for TER planning.  We had assigned testphases to each testplan in past projects (using the API).

I created a test project that leverages the single timeline with iterations.  I had our Insight support person modify our template to accept this new project.

RESULT:  The report was empty.  I have to initially conclude that our use of testphases in the template is NOT compatible with structures being created when timelines/iterations are generated.

We have contacted IBM for support but would really like to understand if anything was fundamentally changed in terms of how Insight would access/view the data warehouse which our report depends on.

Has anyone else observed issues with their Insight reports when transitioning from testphases to timelines in RQM?

Clara Forero commented Jun 23 '14, 2:16 p.m.

Hi Wayne,

What about the OOTB RRDI reports?  Are they also empty when you select the new project area and the related iterations?


Wayne Belshaw commented Jun 23 '14, 2:20 p.m.

The OOTB reports work just fine.   I select the specific interation interested in for each iteration.   It would be nice if the OOTB reports allow me to select a single iteration and apply to all the test plans.   If there is a way, it was not apparent to me.

That is the basic problem...OOTB reports are working fine but Insight is not.

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Clara Forero (6212) | answered Jun 23 '14, 4:18 p.m.
Hi Wayne,

If the OOTB RRDI reports work well, then it could be an issue with your template.  You mentioned you already contacted IBM support.  They may be in the process of creating a PMR and an escalation.  Once I get assigned to help with that escalation, we can take a look at your template and try to find out what other changes are needed to make it work with the timeline/iteration structure.

Thank you,

Wayne Belshaw selected this answer as the correct answer

Wayne Belshaw commented Jun 23 '14, 4:52 p.m.

Hi Clara,

I did not file a PMR at this time but I will.  My "support" contact would have been a "sales" interface but my clear preference is to treat this as a template problem to be "fixed" as opposed to a re-design of the template.

I will file a PMR and go from there.

Thank you.

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