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Restore RQM repository alone ? (in CLM enterprise server topology based environment)

Sunil Kumar R (1.1k12944) | asked Apr 28 '14, 7:46 a.m.
The RQM server (dB) crashed today (monday) and hence there is a need to restore the RQM database alone.
MS SQL Server is used as database.

The backup available is for saturday (2 days ago). There are a lot of activities done today on RQM + RTC + RRC before RQM crashed. So 2 restoration approaches available; which is best? Why?

* Restore all databases with saturday's copy - we lose 1 day's work!
* Restore RQM database alone - will it work? Any impact working in tandem with RTC, RRC which still have live data as of today and RQM is outdated by almost a day.

-- LPA projects are used
-- LDAP used
-- DW activities are performed

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John Nason (2.4k1012) | answered Apr 29 '14, 11:38 a.m.
You can roll back the QM DB independently of the other applications, as long as you're aware of a few potential issues (you need to assess the severity of these relative to your organization).

1) If an LPA project is created in the "roll back window" of RQM, then you'll have other project areas with invalid project links to QM.
2) cross application links, e.g. Requirement Collections to Test Plans, Defects to Test Results, etc, may be inconsistent, where the QM artifact being linked to from the other application will no longer be present so you'll have links that are not bidirectional and potentially invalid.
3) the dataWarehouse may contain QM data from the "roll back window" that is not going to be valid after the QM db is rolled back. You can live with these inconsistencies or do a FULL ETL load of QM to repopulate the warehouse.
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