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List of expected features and changes in RTC 5.0 / CLM 5.0 versus 4.0.6, 4.0.5, 4.0.4

Michael Taylor (8865764) | asked Apr 16 '14, 4:05 p.m.

My project is planning a large migration effort from a very mature and automated workflow, build, and deploy process (using a collection of other tools, Oracle Designer Repository, Linux scripts, and Oracle stored procedures) to RTC.  We're trying to choose the best strategic version of RTC to start our pilot with.  We don't want to start with an older RTC version where we'd have to create work-arounds for functions that are being added in newer versions that are expected to be released fairly soon. 

To give you an idea of some of our critical success features:

1) We build software configuration items based on items that have changed since the last build (incremental build)

2) We build software configuration items (CIs) based on the state of a work item and the CIs that are associated with the work item

3) We need to maintain a complete list of CIs that have been deployed to an environment, update it with each deployment, and maintain the history of this complete list of CIs for reporting and research

4) We perform items 1, 2, and 3 via automated processes instead of using GUI interaction with each build and deploy

5) We need to report/query the complete list of CIs and to compare the lists (example: current list versus a list from history, current list for one environment versus current list for another environment, etc.)

6) We need to report the list of CIs that was deployed with a given build and deploy

We're currently running RTC 4.0.4.  We understand that 4.0.5 and 4.0.6 are released to Production and 5.0 is expected to be released sometime in the next two months or so.

Is there somewhere we can reference to identify the likely features of RTC 5.0?  What benefits will we get out of 5.0 that we won't get from 4.0.6, 4.0.5, and 4.0.4?  We're especially interested in the source code management, build, and deploy features and the automation/scripting around that but we also use RRC and RQM and use RTC for work item tracking.  How do we get an idea of the differences between these 4 versions?

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Adam Wereszczynski (92811932) | answered Apr 17 '14, 2:18 a.m.
Hi Michael,

Please check RTC 5.0 M4 News and Noteworthy

You might be interested also in the contents of Jazz Collaborative ALM and Rational Team Concert project dashboards for more in depth information about planned features, fixed APARs, RFEs delivered and planned release dates.
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Michael Taylor commented Apr 17 '14, 5:36 p.m.

Thank you.  These links were very helpful.  I wasn't sure how to get to those dashboards until you provided the links.

I was close to the "News and Noteworthy" page.  But I got confused because I thought this information would be on the "Release Notes" page so I missed it.

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