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Is there a way to automatically assign code reviews once the change set is associated with a defect/workitem?

Lisa Coker (1145) | asked Apr 11 '14, 11:10 a.m.
We just moved to RTC for source control from SVN. We had an in house tool for SVN that would take each check in and assign a reviewer and keep up with reviews and assignments. We know that RTC will let you assign a reviewer manually and if you put th process in place require that the review be completed before you deliver a change to a stream.

What we would like is to be able to write something that when a developer associates a change set to a workitem the system would automatically assign someone from a list of names to review that change but that review completion would not be required for deliver to the stream.

Is there a way to do this?

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Arne Bister (2.6k12832) | answered Apr 11 '14, 1:17 p.m.
edited Oct 05 '17, 12:48 p.m. by David Lafreniere (4.8k7)


short answer: yes. (but there is nothing out of the box to do this)
I am currently building a very similar thing. Unfortunately I am about to go on vacations for two weeks and cannot enlarge now.
Please google up Ralph Schoon Jazz in Flight blog (search for work item links) and also take a look at as it is all in there. I will gladly share some ideas when I am back.
Where is that list of reviewer names stored? What do you plan to do when a change set is added to a work item that is already linked to another / already has a reviewer?
If you can describe the process behind your reviews a bit more I can give detailed advice.
- Arne

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Lisa Coker commented Apr 11 '14, 1:57 p.m. | edited Oct 05 '17, 12:45 p.m.

Thanks for the info Arne. I will take a look. I will see how far I can get and update this.

sam detweiler commented Apr 12 '14, 8:35 a.m. | edited Oct 05 '17, 12:46 p.m.


there is doing the review and tracking the review process thru the use of Approvals.  you are doing the latter?

I extended Ralph's approval injector plugin to take configuration records (in the process xml) which supports adding approvals at any workitem state transition for any one (user or role).

sam detweiler commented Apr 12 '14, 10:30 a.m. | edited Oct 05 '17, 12:46 p.m.

Lisa, after re-reading your question, as Arne mentions, the question is 'where is the list'  of reviewers to assign to the approval record?. 

we chose to create a role so that we could manage it rather than hard code their names.

Role= Reviewer
then my plugin creates the (Review type) approval record, when the  workitem is transitioned to 'In Progress' state (cause they can't get out of 'In Progress' til the review is done).

my plugin, when creating/assigning approvals by role can do first, all, random, or balanced approaches.

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