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Manage source control of SQL scripts and stored procedure

James Cole (9532330) | asked Apr 08 '14, 10:40 a.m.
Hi All,

I have been looking at how to handle source control of SQL script files / stored procedures and wondered if anyone had any suggestions please?

If I was looking to manage this for the iSeries, I know I can create a file inside an iProject (new file, not new source member) because I would like to use the data studio functionality (i.e. wizards and sql query builder). The problem is that these source members will not create successfully unless they are manually padded in the editor, which can take time.
Alternatively, if I share the data management project, the headless deployment does not look very easy. Interesting the source code will not open from the shared repository files as it gives an error, which is not a workable solution.

Current installation is: RDi V9.0.1 and RTC 4.0.5

It would be ideal if the answer was related to the iSeries however, I wondered how people are doing it on other platforms.

Many Thanks in advance.


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