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How to link a test case to a test plan already connected to a test suite

Elizabeth Lovece (611) | asked Jun 11 '14, 12:36 p.m.

We have a Master Test Plan connected to a Test Suite and the Test Suite  linked to several Test Cases.  When running the TCER Listing (Live) report if we select on the report Test Plan section the Master Test Plan we get not records; however if we instead select Unassigned on the Test Plan section we see all the records.

What link needs to occur between the Master Test Plan and the Test Cases to be depicted on the report?

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Vidya Malkarnekar (1.0k15) | answered Jun 11 '14, 2:41 p.m.
Hi Elizabeth,

For the "TCER Listing"  report to work correctly,  TCER needs to have a Test  Plan associated.
So make sure, you select correct Test Plan when you run a Test Suite or Test Case. If you execute them  from within a Test Plan, the field gets auto-populated with the Test Plan. If you run a Test Case/Suite from say "Browse" view, Test Plan will be "unassigned" by default. Once a Test Plan value  is set for a TCER, it cannot be changed later on. 


Elizabeth Lovece commented Jun 11 '14, 3:02 p.m.

Thank you for the prompt response. When running the test cases, it was from within the Master Test Plan; but from the test case. I will try to do it next from the Test Suite. I did a rerun on one test case from the test suite and as you indicated it didn't link to the plan.

Thank you

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