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Best approach to resync DEV with PRD for an effective POC ?

long TRUONG (3654111141) | asked Feb 27 '14, 9:07 p.m.
 Our DEV env had been diverged from PROD so much that we can no longer use DEV for POC: What works on DEV may not work on PRD.

The divergence is due mainly to the inheritance breaks in WI config:
  • On DEV, the WI are completely configured in both Child and Master, not marked final in the latter. However, this allows configuration to be done completely in the Child, no issue configuring value sets (HTTP filtered, contributor, ...). 
  • On PRD, only the Attribute Customization is configured on both. This caused issues with:
    • configuring new HTTP filtered value set, as it does not work if the value set is configured in the Master, with or without configuration of same in the child PA. And the Child value set is not seen to get associated with an attribute in the Master.
    • Have to use an existing HTTP Filtered Value set.
    • No role is available to be added to a Contributor in the child, have to live with roles already assigned to the contributor(s)
Also there are issues with mandatory attributes: We removed a third party precondition on saving WIs from both DEV and PRD. A lot of (mysterious ?) mandatory attributes still hamper our WI saving on PRD, none on DEV. These attributes are not made mandatory by the standard mandatory settings. Up to now we don't know where these are set nor do we know how to turn them off.

We also suspect the difference in the RTC initial templates between DEV and PRD playing some part in the divergence. Our RTC PA (child) was created as part of the SDLC project, OpenUp template was used in PRD, and Scrum template used in DEV (neither with the unconfigured template,  as it should for a child).

We are now attempting to sync the RTC PA process on DEV with that on PRD via new Master & Child PAs:
  • By exporting the PRD Master template to import into the new Master on DEV then, 1 of the 3 choices
    • Create a Child  with Unconfigured template and make sure that DEV Master have the full Attribute Customization configured like that on PRD child. Tie the existing-at-that-point RTC PA with the SDLC proj. Assuming that PRD will be fixed by marking final all WI config in the Master.
    • Same as above but with the OpenUp template for the child to be same as on PRD now.
    • Also clone the child to Dev with process template, fix the inheritance break then tie in to an SDLC project.
Which of the 3 would be best approach to achieve the goal.

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Stephanie Bagot (2.1k1513) | answered Mar 10 '14, 3:54 p.m.
We typically always recommend that child project areas are created with an unconfigured template to ensure there is no overlap/divergence of configuration between the master and child.

I would in this case, however, recommend cloning both child and master from prod and bringing them over to dev to fix the inheritance issues. This way, its the EXACT same as prod, and there is no chance for human error by tying in the various configuration changes between the templates.

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sam detweiler (12.5k6189201) | answered Mar 10 '14, 5:32 p.m.
 Our model is standards template -> Anchor project. shares process, has no workitems
most settings are marked Final in the process template 

unconfigured -> new project area, consumes Anchor process config., 

I modified the CLM project create template to only allow Unconfigured for the CM project. (I called it scrum in the CLM config page)

we have a separate system where we development process changes, export the template, create an anchor, create a child project, then test..  (sometimes we import data from the prior version before changing the parent to the current version to verify data mappings)..

then export the template to a file, import on prod system  create the anchor, ... repeat.

we own the process template, no-one can create their own. 

I am working on a tool to allow us to delete the dead process templates as we move up the chg mgmt timeline.  (I have the tool, just haven't finished testing)

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