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Can you use regular expression validators with "string list" type?

Morten Madsen (3052844) | asked Nov 29 '12, 9:38 a.m.
Is it possible to use the regular expression like "([A-Z][0-9]){1,10}" to restrict the user to add strings to the string list, with only capital letters and numbers, and a max length of 10?

I've created this validator, and I'm able to add it to my custom variable of type "String list", but nothing happens. I don't even get an error message when typing in something wrong. The regular expression tests out nicely in the "testing field".

Morten Madsen commented Nov 29 '12, 2:47 p.m.

Ah ok, thanks. So I guess I'll have to write a RTC server plugin (ProcessAdvisor or something like that) and do it the hard way :-).

Btw. convert your comment to an answer, I'll mark it correct then.

Ralph Schoon commented Nov 30 '12, 3:41 a.m.

Done. Thanks Morten. I posted it as comment because I am not 100% sure about my answer and wanted to give others the chance to answer too.

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Ralph Schoon (61.5k33643) | answered Nov 29 '12, 10:16 a.m.
Morton, I would be surprised if the regular expression validator would work with list attributes. The testing field is probably just a string on the dialog and not the real thing. I have seen other limitations with list field types and attribute customization.

For JavaScript for example this is the list of supported attribute types: which seems to indicate that list types are also not supported.

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