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Error during RTC setup: SRVE0255E: A WebGroup/Virtual Host to handle /jts/admin has not been defined.

Steffen Kriese (381921) | asked Feb 18 '14, 8:09 a.m.
edited Feb 19 '14, 2:09 p.m. by Jennifer Cianchetta-Riordan (2512)

I was trying to install RTC 4.0.4 on WAS 8.5.0. I followed the interactive installation guide on
When logging on the https://wasrtc02:9043/jts/admin I get the error massage:

SRVE0255E: A WebGroup/Virtual Host to handle /jts/admin has not been defined.

according to Integrated Solutions Console jts is running:

  any idea what is wrong?

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Michael Afshar (7014) | answered Feb 18 '14, 12:38 p.m.
 Hi Steffen,

Have you run the jts/setup to complete the installation before running jts/admin?

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N Z (36212127) | answered Feb 18 '14, 4:17 p.m.
Check which virtual host your application (jts) is using.
Go to the virtual host and check it's host alias list, and ensure the port that you are connecting to is in the list.
Make sure the server you are connecting to is listening on that port.
If you're using a plugin, then there is an extra step, but the principle is the same.

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Donald Nong (14.5k614) | answered Feb 18 '14, 9:50 p.m.
You're using the wrong port. It should be 9443 if you took everything by default. So use https://wasrtc02:9443/jts/admin instead of https://wasrtc02:9043/jts/admin
To double check, log on to WAS admin console (or Integrated Solutions Console as you call it) and navigate to Environment > Virtual hosts. You should see two entries there - admin_hosts and default_host. Select either of them and examine "Host Aliases" for the associated ports.
Next navigate to Applications > WebSphere enterprise applications > jts and examine Virtual hosts under Web Module Properties. You want you web application to be mapped to "default_host" only unless you know a specific reason not to.
Finally, in the SystemOut.log file, you should be able to locate such a line as "WSVR0200I: Starting application: jts" (or jts_war depending the name you gave when deploying the web application). A few lines down, and just above "WSVR0221I: Application started: jts",  in the same log file, you should see a line like this: addWebApplication SRVE0250I: Web Module null has been bound to default_host[*:9080,*:80,*:9443,*:5060,*:5061,*:443].
In the sample above, 9080 and 9443 are the ports that you can use to access the web application on the WAS profile directly, and 80 and 443 with IHS rerouting.

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