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Dependencies between projects plans tasks

omar pimentel (352024) | asked Jan 27 '14, 11:57 a.m.
retagged Jan 30 '14, 3:04 p.m. by Dejan Custic (2855)


I have two release plans (A and B) in different iterations of the same TimeLine. How can I move the beginning of plan B to the ending of plan A?

I tried creating a predecessor link from the principal summary task (the first task) of project B to the principal summary task (the first task) of plan A, but it did not work.  Dependencies works for me between tasks of the same plan.

Thanks for your help!

sam detweiler commented Jan 27 '14, 12:55 p.m.

sorry. don't quite understand..

a 'Plan' is work (workitems) being done by people (team) over time (iteration). 
it is just a fancy view. 

only way to get B to start behind A is to have the two iterations lined up that way. 

but the system may explicitly separate them due to the different timelines

omar pimentel commented Jan 27 '14, 2:54 p.m.

Hi Sam,

Sorry, I am new to RTC.

The company has decided to run a release plan for each business project. My intention is to see if the "n" projects I undertook it will be able to achieve in the current year, for this I need to place the dependencies between them (the resource management is added, which I see as RTC handles it automatically, and constraints that I add to tasks by my own).

Any suggestion?


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Dave Evans (14812846) | answered Jan 27 '14, 5:28 p.m.

Omar, you may find it necessary to set the iteration start and end dates if you are having trouble with the predecessor/successor links. If your iteration work can't be completed within the date range, you will get warnings in your Plan. As for the predecessor/successor link type, I've observed in older versions of CLM that it seems to only work for work items in the same "generation" when the parent/child link type is also being used frequently within your plan. It seems that the predecessor/successor link type is ignored in certain situations when you are crossing a "generation gap", and I also doubt it works between iteration gaps, especially if you are having trouble with it. Maybe someone here will be able to provide a more definitive answer for you about this problem.

For some helpful insights to get you going with RTC planning, read the help files. Here is a link to IBM "Information Centers". You can select "RTC", then the version you are using, to get help specific to your version.

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