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can you label individual files in rtc with a standard name

jeanie Keen (132023) | asked Jan 22 '14, 9:37 p.m.

The questions concerns i have a team that wants to share thier code before it is ready for the development stream.  The code could be in progress but not completed.  They want to know if there is a way that can label a file with a dropdown that says the file/change set is in progress or not dev ready.  They dont want this as a editable field as people will put in an incorrect value.

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Takehiko Amano (1.3k3741) | answered Jan 22 '14, 10:46 p.m.
There are some ways if field is editable.  For example, you may use "User Properties", or use "Required contents" to include file status in the code (e.g. /* Status: Done */ ). But as you mentioned, this is arbitrary. I recommend to find a way to archive the goal. The problem is to prevent "not completed" files go to stream. I think there are several ways, but this is probably easiest.

   - Deliver requires workitem association and requires approval.

You may add workitem attribute "Change Set Status", and set as enumeration value ("In Progress", "Done", "etc").  Hence it is not editable. When your leader check the workitem status and if it is "Done" then, he can approve it (of course he/she will needs to check validity of source contents). Otherwise, set the comment of non approval. Developer won't be able to deliver the code. As a result, this will prevent sharing "In Progress" code archiving the goal.

Other may have better strategy.

Hope this helps.

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