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problem with "Rational Build Forge" engine could not connect to build forge from RTC

Richar Cai (171916) | asked Jan 14 '14, 4:44 a.m.

Dear All,

I am writing to seek your help.

RTC:  3.0.1

BuildForge:  7.1.2

We encountered a problem today. The problem is RTC could not connect to BuildForge with the error message below: - CRJAZ0099I when access to  URL“https://oprtc:9443/ccm/service/”时,发生以下 HTTP 错误:“”

I created a "Rational Build Forge Engine" and tested connection successfully some days before.

But today, this build engine could not connect to BF server.

I am sure the BF ip( and port number(3966) and build forge user id are all correct.

I telnet from RTC Server - telnet  3966 and the connection is ok.

Checked "active services" from ccm admin console, I  can see there are several buildforge related services and hung there. Not sure why?

The hung services are as below: They alreay run for more than 3 hours but still there.

Could anybody help to have a look?

Thank you very much!

Thanks&Best regards,

Richar Cai

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