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WAS 6.1, RQM 1.01, Setup problem with Databases

Carl Ellam-Speed (111) | asked Mar 06 '09, 7:53 a.m.
Can anyone point me in the right direction.

I've got WAS 6.1 installed
Deployed the RQM1.01 Jazz war
Have set all the JVM options required
I've used repotools to create both the derby tables and db2. These scripts ran and used the teamserver.props as expected.

Server starts and the Jazz.log appear next to the other was logs as expected. I see no errors, except this one (not sure what to do with it) :

Error while adding servlet mapping /*PLease set fileServingEnabled=false

I can't fathom how to apply this, but assume this isn't causing a real issue.

When I try the jazz setup page, custom. It just sits there with Loading Databse Configuration, in step 2. It never comes back.. There are no error's in the logs....

Any thoughts/help would be truely appreciated..

Thanks and regards


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