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Can I use workItemPublisher to link to a custom work item type?

Andy Jewell (24226173) | asked Dec 27 '13, 3:01 p.m.
Here's a request for suggestions and ideas to address our particular issue.  It may not be a common situation.

We have a Jenkins build process which creates a build and creates a build result which ties the work items into the build result nicely.  However, to actually deploy that build, our deployment team creates a separate ticket for another team.  That ticket is called a work order and exists outside of RTC.

Our development team, on the other hand, doesn't have (nor want) access to the work order system, so they never know (and always want to know) the status of the deployment work order.

I'm just going through the brainstorming phase and my thought was to create a custom work item type in RTC which acts as a proxy for the actual work order.  I would then set up a job to periodically update the status of the proxy with the status of the actual work order.


So given that, firstly, does anyone have a better/different proposal for the challenge?  Alternatively, given this proposal, could workItemPublisher be used to create a link to the custom work item type from the build result?  I'm trying to avoid work, even in the proof of concept stage so if someone is aware that creating a link like this would not work, would appreciate your input.



sam detweiler commented Dec 27 '13, 5:27 p.m.

In my prior company I designed a new workitem type, Delivery,  which had all the development side status, approvals, states, etc, and then developed a synchronizer in RTC to synch it to our Salesforce Customer support system and was working on similar connections to the internal (and external) deployment systems for those products deployed in our production landscapes.

so I agree with your ideas and strategy.  I was looking for near realtime info, as this was also used between Support and development for customer reported issues and was the communication vehicle between the two systems.

I don't know if workItemPublisher can do the tasks or not, but it seems yes,
as the filepath points to a file with workitem numbers in it.  doesn't say anything about limited workitem types.


filePath ... or a work item file. A work item file must contain work item IDs one per line

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