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Bar chart for Work Item viewlet does not provide Creation Date as an available parameter?

Susan Hanson (1.6k2192194) | asked Nov 20 '13, 9:50 a.m.
We are adding a Work Item Statistics viewlet onto a Dashboard (RTC  We set presentation to Bar Chart and select the query.  We want the Parameter to be the Date created, but "Creation Date" is not an available parameter.  Is this a restriction that we cannot use any Timestamp values?  If so, is there any workaround for this?


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Millard Ellingsworth (2.5k12431) | answered Nov 22 '13, 5:37 p.m.
I tried this (on 4.0.5) and the parameter list seems to be fixed (even before I choose a query it is set and when I change queries I didn't notice any change in it). So at least for this viewlet, it does not seem there is a way to change the parameter list (so you can't use Creation Date).

It sounds like what you want is a bar chart showing the number of new work items by day. Did you look through the available reports (there are quite a few for work items)? The New Work Items By Severity report presents a stacked bar chart by day that seems similar to what you are trying to do with the viewlet. And you can put reports on the dashboard (just like the viewlets).

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