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Quick Query filter definition in Process Configuration Source

Dimitrios Dentsas (7348) | asked Oct 16 '13, 8:00 a.m.
edited Oct 16 '13, 8:07 a.m.
Hi everyone,

is it possible to define Plan View quick query filters in the Process Configuration XML of Project Areas or Process Templates?

So far I was able to find out that there is a filter definition for quick queries which can be added by the following declaration:

<filter definition=""/>

What this does is it creates an empty quick query exclude filter in my Plan view.
The question is how can I fill it now?

If this is not possible maybe an enhancement like the following could be used?:

<filter definition="">
      <parameter key="!attribute1" value="value1"/>
      <parameter key="attribute2>" value="value2"/>

All given parameter elements would constitute a logical conjunction


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Sharoon Shetty Kuriyala (55133) | answered Oct 23 '13, 12:27 p.m.

Its not possible to manually add the expression filters in the process spec since you can have more than one expression filters in a plan view. When you create a new expression filter in the plan view, it creates an expression filter with a unique UUID and not "" id. This is also one reason why we have challenges promoting a plan view containing expression filters.

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