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Does the progress bar in top level work items show progress?

David Arnone (111519) | asked Aug 21 '13, 11:55 a.m.

I have trying ot figure out how the progress bar works in a top level item.  I am using Out of the box Scrum process, RTC 4.0.3, RHEL 6, Windows RTC eclipse client.  The progress bar in the top level item never shows progress.

1.       Create a story with no children and save with owner, planned for, filed against, and priority  BUT no points and  save.  This is the progress bar:

1.       If I explicitly refresh story after save the progress bar changes to following.  The popup show Items with hours 100%.  There are no items with hours

1.       If I select point and save the pop up doesn’t change.  When I explicitly refresh the progress bar changes and the dialog

NowI create a task with no estimate and make it a child of the Story.  The progress bar changes to the following.  There are no items with hours.  I do not know what 75% means

1.       I now add an estimate to the task and save.  The story and pop up don’t change.  After refreshing the story I get the following. Not all items have hours – only the task does bit I guess at this point it also counting the story as having hours.  Is this correct behavior?

1.       I now add another task as a child with no estimate.  I get the following.  Only one item has hours but again I guess it is counting the story as having hours because of the rollup?

1.       I now add an estimate to the second task.  .  The story does not change – I have to explicitly refresh.  I get the following.  He sums are correct – only two items have hours

1.       Now I  record time spent against the first task.  I have to explicitly refresh the story.  I get the following.  I would think the progress bar would show something.  The numbers are summed correctly.

1.       I set the story into start working and tasks 1 and 2 into start working.  There is no change to the story.

2.       I now add more time spent to the first task. The sum of hours spent is correct but no change to the progress bar.

3.       I close task one – the progress bar is still empty

4.       I add time spent to Task 2.  The hours sum up in the story correctly

5.       Add more time spent to Task 2 and close it

6.       Sum in the Story is correct, progress bar is still empty.

7.       I close the story and the progress bar is still empty.

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David Arnone (111519) | answered Aug 21 '13, 12:00 p.m.
The screen shots were not captured. so it may be hard to follow.   However, the sum of the step above is that the story progress bar with two child task which have estimates and time spent does not show progress.

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