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In RTC - can I have multiple HTML fields defined in a custom work item overview tab?

Andrew Rutherford (611) | asked Dec 03 '14, 10:12 p.m.
 Hi there,

I've created a custom work item in RTC (4.0.6) that has a number of HTML entry fields as part of the overview tab see -

This works great in the web UI -

But for some reason in the Eclipse client, only the last HTML entry field defined "Justification" appears  -

I've tried changing the entry fields to be "Descriptions" instead of HTML and no difference.  I've also changed the order the entry fields in the editor definition, and it appears that only the entry field that is last on the list in the editor definition (just before the discussion section) is the one that is displayed.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated


sam detweiler commented Dec 03 '14, 10:39 p.m.

I think u can only do this on the custom layout. 

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Andrew Rutherford (611) | answered Dec 03 '14, 11:36 p.m.
 Thanks Sam, but as I understand it, Eclipse and the web UI use the same editor definition, I would have thought if an editor works in one it should also work in another.


sam detweiler commented Dec 04 '14, 7:12 a.m.

funny!.. they are 'close' but not exact.. one generates HTML and the other draws UI elements on the screen.  They do not behave the same exactly.

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