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Where can I find built-in "Enhancement" workitem type?

anoorva sinha (4048) | asked Jun 11 '15, 12:42 a.m.
edited Jun 11 '15, 12:49 a.m.

Many articles talk about  built-in "Enhancement" work item type but its not available to select. So how can I include it in the list of work items available?

I am using 5.0.2. and the above article is on "Build basis: Rational Team Concert 4.0 "

some information is available here but not complete:

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Ralph Schoon (63.3k33646) | answered Jun 11 '15, 4:39 a.m.
As far as I am aware, there is no work item type Enhancement anymore in the process templates that ship with the product. It could have been there in the past and there is one in the process on the developers see often. So that could be the reason why the author thought it would be in a template.

Anyway, that can change and you can see the types available in a specific project area in the project area administration for this project area in Work Items>Types and Attributes.

The article explains how to create a custom work item type.

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