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Why a new macro element not included in the CQ Activity created by BuildForge Deliver job?

Ralph Roach (23145) | asked Aug 15 '13, 5:23 p.m.

I ran into compile issue but the BF Build job failed due to compile error that it could not find the new macro.  After a bit of investigation, it turns out that there is one new macro which is the first time we have a new macro added.


I can see the new macro in the version tree but it did not get delivered to SA and QA stream.


I went back to review the SA Deliver job and checked the new CQ Activity that was created by this job and verified the Changeset.  I found that the new macro was not included in this new Activity.


I am unable to understand why this is happening and am hoping maybe you might be able to give me some ideas as to what would stop/prevent a new macro from being included in the newly created Activity by the job to be delivered to SA & QA.


Any answers / assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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