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Called JazzJBE in build forge by .source JazzJBE but no log about the adaptor execution information was print out

Richar Cai (1711016) | asked Aug 16 '16, 7:23 p.m.
  Dear Team,

I am writing to seek your help.
Currently I met a very strange problem which is about JazzJBE adaptor in Build Forge.
I called the JazzJBE adaptor by .source JazzJBE to try to accept and download the changes from RTC.
Most of the time, it works fine. When there are new changes, it accepts the changes and marks step as Passed. While there is no new changes, it marks the step as Fail and delete itself and other related data.
My issue is when there was no changes and this JazzJBE marked the step FAIL and didn't delete itself and didn't print any log out.

Normally, this adaptor will as least print the template content and the jbe command execution log, but what I met is that it did not print anything about the adaptor and it's execution information.

I found the issue happened has some regular pattern, like there are 3 jobs running together base on the same build forge project. eg. BUILD_11, BUILD_12, BUILD_13, when Build_13 finished first with no new changes and marked delete itself, then BUILD_11 and BUILD_12 will be marked build failed and without any log out put for JazzJBE adaptor.
I checked the build forge help document about this adaptor and find one trigger variable-_CI_BUILD_DELETE(Set this variable to any value to delete the build and associated build data after the job runs. (The _CI_BUILD_DELETE tag variable is reset to its initial value, prior to the deleted build, if no other project builds executed.)). I guess it may be a bug, maybe the jobs try to reset the tag variable and it causes the issue.

RTC: 4.0.6
Build Forge: 7.1.35

Could somebody give me some help?
Thank you very much!

Best regards,

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