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RQM v4.0.2 How to determine RQM usages?

Li Chen (11923742) | asked Aug 13 '13, 2:41 p.m.
We have a few hundred RQM users/testers.
We have many products and many of them do not have relations to each other.
We have one release per month, and for each release we have 16000 test cases, only 2000 of them can be reused.

Currently we are building one project area to accommodate all of the users, products, and test cases. We now have a challenge to decide what to do with those hundreds and thousands artifacts that are no longer used but still there to confuse the users unless every time they are filtered out. What is your suggestion to make life easier?

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Ayan Paul (2552230) | answered Aug 13 '13, 11:49 p.m.
you can create a test suite and add all relevant testcases in that. For each release you can create a copy of that test suite and start the execution for the same.

Li Chen commented Aug 14 '13, 3:32 p.m.

As per my understanding that Test Suite is designed in RQM for the purpose of execution. A lot of features like relationships among test cases, test plans and etc are not maintained by Test Suites simply because it was designed for the use of execution not for the traceability. Plus using Test Suite does not help reduce the number of test cases/TCERs that are no longer active but might be used for reference or be copied in the future.

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Stephane Leroy (1.4k149) | answered Aug 14 '13, 1:07 p.m.
Hi Li,
I believe there is no straightforward answer to your question as it raises even more questions than answers to me...Questions coming to my mind are: can you explain why you get so many test cases generated, how they are generated (copied vs. authored), etc., etc. ? Have you checked your current understanding of Test environments and Test Execution Record with - for example - the descriptions made in the InfoCenter (or this resource for the interest of TERs: ) ? Have you investigated/implemented keywords and parametrization (through datapools, exec. variables, etc.) ?
If you feel comfortable with the previous aspects, what are your constraints in terms of maintaining results records - auditability, deleting data not relevant anymore, test artefact retirement/clean up policy, etc, etc. ?

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