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Test execution and execution status

Marita Mayerhofer (878) | asked May 22 '14, 9:53 a.m.

I have some questions regarding test execution in RQM and the statuses a Case and a Suite can be in:

1. Is it possible to resume a Test Case which execution is cancelled?
2. How do we get into this status? What button are the user clicking that their Cases appear with status "cancelled" in the Test Execution Console?
3. What does the other statuses mean: completed, paused, queued, running?
3. What is the pause button doing? How to resume the Test?
4. How is the connection of TSER, TCER, Test Suite Results, Test Case Results? When I create a TSER is the TCER automatically created? When do I have anything in the Results?
5. What is it that I can see in the Test Execution Console? Are this the Test Case Execution Records or Results?
6. When does cases appear in the Execution Console? As soon as the TSER is created?
7. What do I need to delete so that the cases disappear from the Execution Console?
8. What happens when I click in the Execution Console on "cancel run"? Is there a way to get the cases back in the console?

Sorry for the many questions. I jsut try to get an understanding of the Execution and how things are connected.

Any answer is very much appreciated.
Best Regards,

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Don Yang (7.7k21111139) | answered May 22 '14, 9:26 p.m.
It is not clear what version of RQM you are using. The status may change in later version in some cases.
Let me try to answers the questions
1) and 2)
please see the discussions here:

basically Cancelled is the same as Stop hence it is not resumable.

3) Completed as is. the execution is completed.
Paused means that the suite running is paused.
Queued means it is a part of suite execution but it is not currently running(there is other test in the same suite is currently running for example).
Running means the specific test is currently executing

What is pause button doing and how to resume the test: see the help for that:
4) Test Case results are base ones. Testsuite is used to group test cases, hence test suite results will have contained test cases results.
When running a testcase, TCER will be created or associated, hence TCER will include all test case results(using the same TCER to execute the test case multiple times). When running Test Suite, TSER will be associated hence it will include all TCERs as well as all test suite's previous result which will then go to the base test case results.
When creating a TSER, TCER will get created in v4.0.6 but not in any previous version(new feature in 406).
Once you completed an execution, you will have the result.
5) What ever you can run(test case or test suite), the TCER or TSER will show the record in execution console when they are starting execution but not the result.
6) When execution is started it will appear in Execution console.
7) When it is completed or when you stop the execution(not resumable), then it will be gone from console
8) If you cancelled run in the console, the entry will be gone and it is not resumable. you need to go to the specific test case or suite to start running it again so that it will be added to console.

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