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new Jazz users not appearing in search

John Schilt (6111822) | asked Aug 06 '13, 8:44 p.m.
Scenario :

We ask students in a class to Register on Jazz - and they send us their Jazz IDs (and names)

We then add the students to our class project and then to their respective teams.

Issue :

Sometimes some of the users cannot be found - either by typing their first characters of their Name or their Jazz ID.  I understand that it can take some time for the user registrations to filter through - but this happens even if the students register in Jazz the night before.

What is happening here ?  Why can't we see all users ?

btw - users that we can't see can log on to JazzHub

ps - a workaround seems to be to ask the students to Request to Join the project.  Strangely enough, once the students have Requested to Join their Jazz ID appears in the list when searching . . .

Any ideas ?

Adam Archer commented Aug 07 '13, 12:54 p.m.

John, I presume, from your comment about adding them to teams, that this is for the Academic JazzHub (

What context are you opening the user picker from to look for the new users? Are you using public or private projects?

John Schilt commented Aug 07 '13, 8:38 p.m.

Hi Adam, here is some further information.

I've created a project in Jazzhub (, created many teams (>30) and have asked the students to create a Jazz ID.

We then ask the students to form teams - they fill in a paper form with their names and Jazz ID's and hand them to me.

I then go to the Project Area and 'add' members to the Project. 

An 'Add new Members' pop up appears with a field : Enter a name filter to populate the list.

We enter the first 4 or 5 characters of their Jazz ID - and they do not appear on the list.  We enter their Full Names (even the first 5 + characters of their name and scan through the list).  Their Jazz ID's do NOT appear in the list ?

The same issue when we try to add members to a specific team.

(*) I understand that it can take some time for a Jazz ID to be processed and to appear in the directory . . . but 12 hours +  ?

ps - probably happens to < 5 % of the Jazz ID's that we are trying to add to the JazzHub project . . .


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