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How to Restore Process Configuration Source

John Bryan Sazon (341823) | asked Jul 02 '13, 4:18 a.m.

I know I should be asking this to IBM Support but there has been issue on their web support, so for now I will ask the community of 

There is a fix that I will apply on our project area which is suggested by IBM support. It requires some editing on Process Configuration Source, to be exact I need to change the attribute IDs of a custom attribute to something else.

Upon implementing this, and "IF" something goes wrong, how can I restore the process templates. Please note that there are thousands of work items that has this custom attribute.

Do I just have to paste the backup Process Configuration Source to revert back the changes?


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Dinesh Kumar B (4.1k413) | answered Jul 02 '13, 4:26 a.m.
modifying configuration source is not a recommended approach and needs to be done under careful supervision if at all its a must.

If you right click in the Configuration Source area, you would find a Show History option which retrieves the history of the configuration source from the repository, you could then perform a compare and restore to a previous state.

However, I would like to reiterate that modifying attribute ids and in general configuration source is not recommended as the consequences of a missed configuration could be varied and not very evident always....
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John Bryan Sazon commented Jul 02 '13, 4:33 a.m. | edited Jul 02 '13, 4:34 a.m.
Thanks for the answer Dinesh!

Yes indeed its not. But our problem was generated on our last RTC version 2.0 we are on 3.0 now, we created a custom attribute named Priority and we saved the attribute ID as priority. This attribute ID is being used by the default attribute of RTC named Native Priority. So it causea a conflict upon querying and so on and this was the suggested fix by the IBM support.  

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