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Command line adapter for RQM does not work

Amit Garg (312051) | asked Apr 22 '13, 7:50 a.m.
retagged Apr 26 '13, 9:39 a.m. by Laura W. Hinson (16126)

We are using RQM 4.0.2 and trying to configure command line adapter for Junit testing as mentioned in the following link:

However, the step 2 of "Configure Rational Quality Manager Adapter" does not work. We get the following output:

13:16:29,043 [main] WARN - Configuration file C:\RQM Adapter\RQMCommandLineAdapter\Junitconfig.ini does not exist, adapter will use the arguments passed
13:16:29,261 [main] INFO - Successfully created an HTTP client
13:16:34,842 [main] INFO - The adapter is now connected
13:16:37,843 [main] INFO - Resolved project area named "Junit Testing" to alias: Junit+Testing.
13:16:59,296 [main] WARN - Failed to save configuration file for the command line adapter
13:16:59,374 [main] INFO - Created Commandline Adapter
13:17:04,428 [Thread-1] INFO - Stored configuration is out of sync. Adapter is re-registering.
13:17:20,732 [Thread-1] INFO - Stored configuration is out of sync. Adapter is re-registering.
13:17:36,942 [Thread-1] INFO - Stored configuration is out of sync. Adapter is re-registering.
This is the command we ran:

C:\RQM Adapter\RQMCommandLineAdapter>start.bat -repository https://server:9443/qm -user 1234 -password 1234 -adapter RQMAdapter -projectArea Junit+Testing -configFile Junitconfig.ini

Adapter doesn't show up under "Adapter console" in the project.

The user has  RQM Quality Professoinal license and we switched to connector license too but it didn't make any difference.

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Deepa Doraswamy (4712) | answered Apr 23 '13, 4:37 a.m.
Hi Amit,
Please go through the link below that outlines troubleshooting adapter issues. Also please check if the user also has write privileges in the folder the ini file is created.
Amit Garg selected this answer as the correct answer

Amit Garg commented Apr 23 '13, 8:36 a.m.

Thank you for your help Deepa. I guess the team member role was the problem here. I was able to add the adapter.

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