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Does jazzmon work only for secure RTC implementations?

Stephane Couillaud (15632344) | asked Apr 18 '13, 4:36 p.m.
For reasons I won't get into, we opted long ago to adopt a non-secure setup for our RTC implementation.  In short our URLs have the following form:

One of the steps to monitor your application servers is to configure the file by entering those URLs in a comma separated list.  Problem is when I run JazzMon in monitor mode it prepends "https://" + port 443 to to all my URLs.   See example below:

2013.04.17,17:26:10,499 [CounterServiceSequence_1:ServerMonitorSequence_1] Exception during Task(ServerSetup): ConnectionException, Message: CRJAZ1371E The URL "" cannot be reached. The server cannot be reached. The network could not connect to the server. The error is "Connection refused: connect". Contact your system administrator.

Given that I don't use "https" this causes the URL to be unreachable.  I've also removed "http://" from my comma separated list in but I end up with the same problem where it prepends "https://" to all my links.

Any idea on how to solve this issue?  Anyone else experience this?

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Dave Schlegel (331167) | answered Apr 19 '13, 10:43 a.m.
Unfortunately an assumption was made that jazz installations all used https so the code checks for that and prepends https if it isn't found. You have demonstrated that that is a bad assumption. 

I've filed workitem JazzMon should accept http URLs as well as https (261645) against JazzMon to get this fixed in the next patch release. Please feel free to subscribe to the defect and we'll let you know when there is a release including this fix. 

I am sorry for the inconvenience. 
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Stephane Couillaud commented Apr 22 '13, 7:51 p.m.

Thank you Dave. That solves the mystery and will be a tremendous help for us. 

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Dave Schlegel (331167) | answered Oct 30 '13, 10:11 a.m.
This has now been fixed in the latest release of JazzMon, now rebranded as JTSMon 4.0. Please see if this solves your issues employing JazzMon in your environment.

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