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Authority to update Time Tracking Tab on workitem

Rocco Cocco (1344) | asked Apr 04 '13, 9:29 p.m.
I am currently using a customized work item to track mini projects.  Each workitem is being used to track time spent of 3 resources.  Currently as the owner (and one of the resources) I can update the time tracking tab.  2 part question;
1.) I have tried to Add a name, other than my own, to track time, but get the message.  Only the owner can be added.
Q. is there any way to add a name other than the owner to that tab?
2.) If we use the owner's name in the tab, is there any way to give the other resources permission to update the workitem (even if they are not the owner)? 
thank you.

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Aradhya K (1.4k54345) | answered Apr 10 '13, 1:36 a.m.
The feature of multiple people reporting the time tracking entries against the same work items is currently not possible. As a work around I would suggest creating child or related work items for each users.
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