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Error: schema config is not available

Georg Kellner (840378109) | asked Mar 25 '13, 7:46 a.m.
We have a jts and rqm 4.0.1 installed on the same server, based on WebSphere.
The data warehouse is configured correct.

Last week I added a ccm application 4.0.1 to the jts.
The ccm application is installed on an additional server, also based on WebSphere.

I configured this application to use the "old" data warehouse.
The setup was okay, but when I run the collection jobs in /ccm/admin, the job status page reports:
"Error fetching job history, ensure the data warehouse is properly configured."

The ccm_etl.log shows only infos but the ccm.log reports something like
The schema 'CONFIG' is not available.
("Das Schema 'CONFIG' ist nicht vorhanden.")

jts_etl.log is also fine.

Any hints?

greetings georg.

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Sandy Grewal (1.6k1223) | answered Mar 25 '13, 11:59 a.m.
@Georg the error suggests that the ccm data warehouse configuration is not correct. It can connect to the database configured, but it does not see the CONFIG schema, either the schema does not exist or the user specified in the connection URL does not have the rights to read from it.

First thing to check is if the URL is exactly the same for JTS and CCM.
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Georg Kellner commented Mar 25 '13, 3:40 p.m.

It was a good hint.
Although I set the correct parameter in /ccm/setup -> Data warehouse only the default values were stored (derby as vendor ...).
As I set them correct to oracle, everything is fine.

greetings georg.

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