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Eclipse plan refresh or cache issue

Mark Ingebretson (58515236) | asked Feb 08 '13, 8:23 a.m.
edited Feb 08 '13, 2:11 p.m. by Ralph Schoon (63.1k33646)
We have a user with the following problem.  Has anyone else seen the issue, or know of a fix or work-around?

Mark Ingebretson

I have the version of the eclipse client. I prefer to use the client for planning purposes as the data entry is far superior using the client.

However, I have noticed over the last month that it does not always refresh the data appropriately.

Another user changes the "planned in" field of a work item from sprint "a" to sprint "b" and saves the changes. I am in sprint "a" trying to make sure we close out the sprint appropriately and leave no items behind. So after they click save (and I give it a few minutes just to be safe), I click refresh in the Eclipse client. The item still shows up in my plan for sprint "a". I understand the difference between showing up (and being greyed out) and actually still being a part of the plan. It looks like it is still part of the plan. So I double click the work item to open it to see if it at least has the right information within the work item, and I get the following text in yellow at the top of the work item (next to the work item #) "Refresh to get the latest updates". If I click that text it will go out to the server and get the latest data, and my plan view will be corrected for this item (meaning that it has been moved to sprint "b".

I just refreshed the plan, why should I have to go into each work item and click "refresh" again. When closing one sprint and starting another, this is tedious, and has pushed me to the web client (which is too slow for this type of task in my opinion).

I can say that this doesn't happen all the time, and I don't know what causes it to happen, but it is troubling when it does happen, and even when it is not happening, I have to double check to make sure.

Closing the plan completely and re-opening it doesn't solve the problem.  Usually waiting for the next day seems to help.

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