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Why is the ClearQuest Submit form blank when I go to create a defect from RQM or RTC?

Authors: IntegrationsTroubleshootingTeam
Build basis: Rational ClearQuest, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Team Concert

This topic page provides information to help you troubleshoot an issue where the ClearQuest Submit form is blank when you create a defect from Rational Quality Manager (RQM) or Rational Team Concert (RTC)?

Possible causes

  • There has been some change that has affected the integration's configuration. For example, the CQ database is no longer available for the dbset.
  • Browser configuration and security setting changes
  • Server Security changes
  • Defects


  • Review the configuration setup information under Section II Parts B and C Configuring ClearQuest Web (CQWeb) server for CLM integrations in technote 1433074 How to configure ClearQuest Web for Collaborative Lifecycle Management integrations to ensure that all the steps have been followed.
  • Review changes to the integration configuration, e.g. a server rename on the CLM side and the changes were not made on the CQ side; the dbset is no longer registered on the CQWeb Server; the CQ database schema was upgraded and the CQWeb was not restarted, etc.
  • Check changes to the browser settings, e.g. ensure pop-up blockers are still disabled; the CLM Server URL is still added to the browser's list of Trusted Sites or Exceptions; try clearing the browser cache.
  • If using mixed protocols (e.g. CLM uses https and CQ uses http), see technote 1652291 RQM ClearQuest OSLC/Bridge Integration: New Defect window is empty
  • You may be impacted by security changes in CQ related to mixed protocols. See technote 1614955 Defect submit form is blank or says this content cannot be displayed in a frame for details. For certain browser versions or server versions, it is not possible to configure around these security changes. If you are using mixed protocols, you may be required to configure CQWeb to use https and implement a CLM server rename. * You may be impacted by a defect in CQWeb. See technote 1660756 ClearQuest Bridge is not working with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

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