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Why does the DOORS Web Access requirement selection picker display as a blank blue page when initiating a link request using the RTC Eclipse client?

Authors: IntegrationsTroubleshootingTeam
Build basis: RTC 5.0 and later, Rational DOORS Web Access version and later

This page provides details and workaround instructions for an issue that occurs when using the DOORS Web Access (DWA) requirement selection picker.


When using DOORS Web Access requirement selection picker, a blank blue page is displayed when attempting to initiate a link request using the IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) Eclipse client.


The issue is reported and discussed in defect work item 322762 and is the result of a bug in the Eclipse base code.



Below are different configurations where the problem occurs along with instructions to workaround the issue.

First, determine the Eclipse version for your RTC Eclipse client.

  • From the RTC Eclipse client, click Help -> About Rational Team Concert
  • Click on the eclipse.org icon to view version information about the Eclipse environment. There may be multiple icons to represent different Eclipse features that are installed in the environment. Locate the version for the Eclipse RCP feature, and complete the instructions associated with your Eclipse version.

Eclipse 3.6.x

1) Update the eclipse.ini -vm setting to use the IBM J9 JVM. The directory path may vary depending on the file location of your Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

2) Save the eclipse.ini changes and restart Eclipse

Eclipse 4.2.x and Eclipse 4.3.x

1) Add the line below under the -vmargs identifier in eclipse.ini.
-Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.IEVersion=<IE version>

The value for the IEVersion setting must match the browser version installed on the system. The workaround will not help if the specified version string does not match the installed version. Settings for the different Microsoft Internet Explorer versions are listed in the Microsoft MSDN documentation under Browser Emulation

2) Save the eclipse.ini changes and restart Eclipse

Eclipse 4.4 or higher

Issue is resolved

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Additional contributors: Bryan Hogan

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