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Why can't I use Rational Team Concert patches with Rational Software Architect model files?

Authors: IntegrationsTroubleshootingTeam
Build basis: Rational Team Concert 4.0.3, Rational Software Architect 9

This article explains how Rational Software Architect (RSA) model files are affected if you attempt to include them in Rational Team Concert (RTC) patches.

How do you create Rational Team Concert Patches for Rational Software Architect Models?

The Rational Team Concert documentation describes how to create Patches: Creating and applying Rational Team Concert source control patches

To reproduce the issue, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Create an empty model and share it in Rational Team Concert.
  2. Add one class to the Model, called Class1.
  3. Create a Patch.
  4. Save the Patch on the file system.
  5. Delete Class1 from the model.
  6. Add some different model elements, for example an Actor and a UseCase.
  7. Save the model.
  8. Check-In and Deliver the model.
  9. Now, attempt to Apply the Patch and select Auto Resolve.

What is the effect of creating Patches of Rational Software Architect Models?

You will see this message:

"None of these changes could be accepted. You will have to merge them
manually.The Text in brackets should explain why the change could not
be accepted."

The text in brackets states:

"Model1.emx - 29 lines (unable to match context lines)."

If you open the patch file in a text editor, you will see that it contains a textual diff of the model files, as in the following code snippet:

diff -u -N MyModelToPatch/Model1.emx MyModelToPatch/Model1.emx
--- MyModelToPatch/Model1.emx 2014-04-09 15:02:46.000000053 +0200
+++ MyModelToPatch/Model1.emx 1970-01-01 01:00:00.000000006 +0100
@@ -1,14 +1,29 @@
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<?com.ibm.xtools.emf.core.signature <signature
id="com.ibm.xtools.mmi.ui.signatures.diagram" version="7.0.0"><feature
description="" name="Rational Modeling Platform (com.ibm.xtools.rmp)"
url="" version="7.0.0"/></signature>?>
 <?com.ibm.xtools.emf.core.signature <signature
id="com.ibm.xtools.uml.msl.model" version="7.0.0"><feature
description="" name="com.ibm.xtools.ruml.feature" url=""
-<?com.ibm.xtools.emf.core.signature <signature
id="com.ibm.xtools.mmi.ui.signatures.diagram" version="7.0.0"><feature
description="" name="Rational Modeling Platform (com.ibm.xtools.rmp)"
url="" version="7.0.0"/></signature>?>

Rational Software Architect models are very specialized types of XML files. They can only be compared or merged using tooling provided by Rational Software Architect itself. This tooling needs to receive the complete model file (and its fragments) so that it can compare it with another version. For this reason, it cannot be used by patches, which contains just a textual diff of the model versions.

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