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Why can't I create a friend or project association between Rational DOORS and a Jazz product?

Authors: IntegrationsTroubleshootingTeam
Build basis: CLM 4.x and later, Rational DOORS 9.3 and later as supported

This page covers the basics and the pitfalls of creating a friend and project association between IBM Rational DOORS and the Jazz products for integrations that are based on Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC). Those Jazz products include Rational Team Concert, Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Quality Manager, Design Management, and Rational DOORS Next Generation.

Initial assessment


  • When you add the Rational DOORS rootservices/consumer key and consumer secret to a Jazz product's Friends Outbound, it may give an error such as CRJAZ1578E or CRJAZ1341E or others
  • When you add a Jazz product rootservices/consumer key and consumer secret to the Remote Services tab, it may give an error such as invalid_consumer_key or signature_invalid or others
  • The list of projects in DOORS does not load, the dialog remains blank
  • Attempts to link a DOORS database or module with a Jazz project may fail in either tool


Creating friend and project associations are first done at initial setup. Project association may subsequently be necessary as new projects are added. They prevent any further linking between the products.

Data gathering and subsequent analysis steps

Ensure the servers involved can find each other and have their clocks synchronized.

Ensure the Rational DOORS client can find the Jazz server in Microsoft Internet Explorer. The Rational DOORS client only runs on Microsoft Windows; therefore, Internet Explorer is always installed. Rational DOORS is hardcoded to use Internet Explorer DLLs to load content from OSLC providers. As a result, Internet Explorer must work. If, for example, you want to link Rational DOORS and IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC), it must be possible to login to RTC from Internet Explorer. This is irrespective of whether Internet Explorer is the user's default or preferred browser. For Rational DOORS to work with RTC, Internet Explorer must be able to find RTC because if it cannot, neither can Rational DOORS.

This Internet Explorer dependency adds a dimension which should always be considered when security warnings are presented in Rational DOORS. If the Jazz server does not have signed certificates or has expired certificates, warnings to that effect will appear in Rational DOORS when attempting to display Jazz content and they will look as they do in Internet Explorer. If you click No (or sometimes Yes) to warnings, some operations may fail. Be careful with security warnings.

Possible causes

  • The Jazz application cannot find Rational DOORS Web Access.
  • The Rational DOORS Web Access server cannot find the Jazz server (and/or application server in a distributed setup).
  • The Rational DOORS and Jazz servers are not time synchronized.
  • The Rational DOORS client cannot find or access the Jazz product from Internet Explorer.
  • A pop-up blocker has prevented a login dialog from appearing for Rational DOORS in the Jazz product.
  • An incorrect consumer key or secret has been used. It can be confusing to know where to generate the consumer key.
  • Defects

Possible solutions

  • Ensure the servers involved can find each other; check with the registered public URI (not ipaddress). It must be possible to find the application based on the URI registered in the setup of the Jazz product and in the published.url.prefix in the Rational DOORS Web Access /server/festival/config/festival.xml. This can be done by loading Rational DOORS Web Access in a web browser directly on the Jazz product's server and the reverse. If that is not possible (for example a browser is not installed), ping, telnet, tracert or other tools can be used.

  • Ensure the user can login to the Jazz product on the Rational DOORS client machine using Internet Explorer. Check proxy and security settings in Internet Explorer if the login is not possible.

  • If you began the process and at some later time discovered popups were disabled, clear your browser cache and begin the process again. Incorrect information might have been stored and some browsers may not display any subsequent message or the message may be unclear. Similarly, if you discover that you have tried to enter the wrong user name or password (for example: you entered the Jazz user for Rational DOORS), clear the cache and start again.

  • Ensure the servers have their clocks synchronized.

  • Open a new tab in the same browser. Login to DOORS Web Access. Then try again from the original tab.

  • Add the Jazz and DOORS Web Access sites to Internet Explorer's trusted sites.

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