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new.png Upgrading the data warehouse

Authors: UpgradeTroubleshootingTeam
Build basis: CLM 3.x and later

This page discusses known issues and troubleshooting the Datawarehouse upgrade process.
Note: Jazz Team Server must be upgraded successfully before you can proceed with the data warehouse upgrade.

Troubleshooting the Data Warehouse upgrade process

Since the upgrade scripts for the Data Warehouse will change the database, the most common issues that can occur during the upgrade are related to the database. If this section of the upgrade script fails, review the following log, located in the ../server folder of the CLM application installation directory, for more information.


Known Issues

CRJAZ0265E: The database resource or the virtual storage is not available.

Version: Upgrade to 4.x
Error During Upgrade: CRJAZ0265E: The database resource or the virtual storage is not available. SQLSTATE: 57011
Cause: This specific message is a result of running out of space in the transaction logs.
Resolution: Run the following SQL statements to increase the log size. Note that the default size of the first is 8, and the second is 16.
db2 update db cfg for DWDB using logprimary 20
db2 update db cfg for DWDB using logsecond 30

Data Collection Jobs Failing

Version: Data warehouse upgrade to 4.x
Error During Upgrade: Data collection jobs are failing, and in the log file the following error occurs: CRRRE1420E: Can not redirect to the OAuthentication identify URL
Cause: The data collection jobs need to go through a 'migration'
Resolution: Run the full data collection jobs for all once
When you look at the status, for example, if you run a Full data collection job for common under JTS/reports, you would see two entries, Common Migration and Common NOTE: The full data collection jobs may take some time to run in your deployment as they are different than the daily jobs which only gather changed data.

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