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Authors: RobbieMinshall, ChristopheElek
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This page is a work in progress. The objective of the page is a concise explanation of the CLM organizations adoption of IBM Urbancode Deploy, and our efforts to share that work.

Our Story

The CLM Organization is transforming. We are transforming in (at least) two ways. The first is aggressive adoption of lean development principals and DevOps. The objective of this effort is to reduce risk, reduce cost and speed up delivery time of our traditional on premise products. The second transformation our contributions to IBM Bluemix, IBM DevOps Services and Software as a Service. The objective of this effort is to quickly evolve, to learn get feedback and support the industries movement towards cloud centric DevOps.

One part of these efforts is the automation on install, upgrade and validation of CLM topologies. We have had a lot of success with this effort both targeting private cloud, public cloud and traditional infrastructure.

There is more information on our transformation efforts in our blogs [https://jazz.net/products/devops/whats-happening#activity]

How our story relates to our customers

Customers (unfortunately) often struggle with deployment, upgrade and validation of enterprise CLM deployments. This is the same set of issues that we are dealing with internally as we address Continuous Deployment and Test to production servers.

We would like to test the idea that our own internal automation for both deployment and test/validation should be shared openly with customers. We believe that if we share this content in a light weight but extendable fashion a certain type of customer would benefit greatly in pulling this content for their own purposes.

Status and history


Demonstration of the usage of IBM Urbancode Deploy by the CLM Development Organization

Demonstration of how to accelerate DevOps with IBM Pure Application System and IBM Urbancode Deploy

Get the code

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