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Redeploying the predefined process templates

Authors: UpgradeTroubleshootingTeam
Build basis: CLM 4.x and later

This topic discusses the final upgrade step which in some cases requires the user to redeploy the predefined process templates after the upgrade succeeded.

Redeploying the predefined process templates

Changes in 4.0.1

There are some project area changes in 4.0.1 which need to be addressed prior to upgrading.

Rational Requirements Composer base template

In releases prior to 4.0.1, the predefined requirements management lifecycle project templates included support for the Base project template. As of release 4.0.1, the Base template has been replaced with the Requirements Template for Testers project template.

In order to prevent issues from incurring when creating Lifecycle Applications, you must re-deploy the predefined templates . For more information, see Creating lifecycle projects from a template.

Errors which can occur when redeploying the templates


Redeploying the predefined process templates failed with the following error:
 Error deploying predefined process templates to the repository. 

Possible causes and solutions

Permission errors

The following error can occur:
 An error response was received from the Jazz Team Server. Status=400. Message: CRJAZ1848E To do the "com.ibm.team.process.server.saveProcessTemplate" operation, you must have one of the following licenses that are installed on the server: Analyst, Contributor, Practitioner-Floating, Contributor, Stakeholder, Stakeholder, Developer for IBM Enterprise Platforms, Developer-Floating, Quality Professional, Practitioner, Developer, Contributor, Contributor, User. The server administrator can assign licenses. 

The user attempting to redeploy the process templates is required to have JazzProjectAdmin or JazzAdmin repository permissions, and must have a CLM Client Access License such as Analyst, Contributor, Practitioner-Floating, Stakeholder, Developer for IBM Enterprise Platforms, Developer-Floating, Quality Professional, Practitioner, or Developer.

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