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uc.png Rational Team Concert online migration test matrix

Authors: AndrewNiefer, LisaFrankel
Build basis: CLM 5.0

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Starting in Rational Team Concert V5.0.0, you can choose to migrate data from an older version of the product to the latest product version while the production server is still online. This migration method is called pre-upgrade online migration. Before implementing an online migration, determine whether offline or online migration is warranted for your repository by running the migration estimation command and then checking the following test results matrix for guidance on the results.

If online migration is recommended for your repository, follow the detailed instructions in the Collaborative Lifecycle Management V5.0.0 Information Center, Interactive upgrade guide.

Testing matrix

The following migration times were obtained on a Linux VM image with 2 CPUs and 16G RAM, running at 2.27GHz, with DB2 and the CCM server running on the same machine.

Data Database Repository size Artifact counts
(migrating states / total)
(priority, numStatesPerRun)
Online migration time Additional offline time
Jazz.net CCM DB2 489GB 2.6M / 28M p=100, n=1000 9h 2h50m
p=100, n=100 8h50m 2h50m
p=50, n=100 (defaults) 32h 2h30m
SCM team test machine DB2 173GB 930K / 9.2M p=50, n=100 (defaults) 1h30m 25m

After an online migration has processed 1% of the states, an estimated completion time is displayed.

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