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Running WebSphere Liberty Profile for Jazz Applications as a Microsoft Windows service new.png

Authors: ShubjitNaik, ShradhaSrivastav
Build basis: IBM CLM Version 6.0.x

WebSphere Liberty Profile (WLP) is bundled as the Default Application Server for IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solution starting with version 6.0.1. However, there is no supported method to run the Liberty Profile, hosting the CLM applications, as a Windows Service. There is a workaround to use a third party software, using Apache Commons.

DISCLAIMER: The following instructions are based on usage of 3rd party (Open Source) utility, Apache Commons and hence does not fall under the scope of IBM Support

Prerequisites and Assumptions

  • Download and install Apache Commons Daemon binaries
  • Jazz Team Server deployment is installed with default Liberty Profile rooted at C:\IBM\JazzTeamServer; adjust your paths accordingly based on your actual root directory.
  • This topic assumes that the Windows service is not installed. If you have previously installed the service, remove it first then install the new service.

Install Apache Commons Daemon

  • Download Apache Commons Daemon Binaries from apache.org
  • Unzip the file commons-daemon-x.x.xx-bin-windows.zip to C:\IBM\commons-daemon-x.x.xx-bin-windows

Create and run Script to manually create Windows Service

  • Sample script to be created, change the values of the variables as per your install roots and save as a .bat file
    @echo off
    set DAEMON_EXEC="C:\IBM\commons-daemon-X.Y.ZZ-bin-windows\amd64\prunsrv.exe"
    set SERVER_START_COMMAND="C:\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server\server.startup.bat"
    set SERVER_START_COMMAND_PATH="C:\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server"
    set SERVER_STOP_COMMAND="C:\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server\server.shutdown.bat"
    set SERVER_STOP_COMMAND_PATH="C:\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server"
    set LOG_PATH="C:\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server\logs\daemon"
    set SERVICE_DISPLAY_NAME="CLM 6.0.X Liberty Profile"
    set SERVICE_DESCRIPTION="CLM 6.0.X Liberty Profile"
    set INSTALL_SERVICE_COMMAND=%DAEMON_EXEC% //IS//%SERVICE_NAME%  --Startup=manual --DisplayName=%SERVICE_DISPLAY_NAME% --Description=%SERVICE_DESCRIPTION% ++DependsOn=Tcpip --LogPath=%LOG_PATH% --StdOutput=auto --StdError=auto --StartMode=exe --StartPath=%SERVER_START_COMMAND_PATH% --StartImage=%SERVER_START_COMMAND% --StopMode=exe --StopPath=%SERVER_STOP_COMMAND_PATH% --StopImage=%SERVER_STOP_COMMAND%

  • Run the above script to create a new Windows Service
  • Edit the properties of the newly created service via "Start > Run > services.msc"
    • Right Click on the Service and Click Properties
    • Click on the Log On tab
    • Browse and add an Administrator User who would start the service
  • Test Start / Stop of the Service
    • To delete the service run the command "SC DELETE CUSTOMSERVICENAME"
  • A folder named “demon” is created within C:\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server\logs directory which includes logs to help debug issues with the service configured.

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