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Authors: JohnVasta (current version); ShubjitNaik, ShradhaSrivastav (historical versions)
Build basis: IBM CLM Version 6.0.6

The next release of Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) after 7.0 (currently designated 7.0.1) will include support for running ELM applications as Windows services. Prior to that release, it is possible to update a 6.0.6 or later release with the scripts attached to this wiki page to get the same capability. The scripts use the Apache Procrun tool that is included with the Liberty server image.

DISCLAIMER: These scripts should be considered "pre-release", since they are not yet available in any existing release. They have not undergone the level of testing that will be done when they are in a release.

Prerequisites and Assumptions

  • CLM/ELM version 6.0.6 or later is installed on Windows.
  • The CLM/ELM applications are deployed in a Liberty profile. The Distributed Cache Microservice (DCM) is also supported; it is always deployed in a Jetty server.
  • This topic assumes that there are no existing Windows services for CLM/ELM applications. If there are, they should be removed first.

The Jazz Authorization Server (JAS) is also supported.

Download the attached scripts

The scripts attached to this wiki page should be downloaded and then should replace the existing scripts in your installation.

Warning NOTE: If you have customized your existing server scripts, then the same customizations must be done to the downloaded replacement scripts (for example, to increase the Java heap size).

Replace the existing scripts with the downloaded scripts in these locations:

Script name Installed location
server.startup.bat JazzTeamServer\server
server.shutdown.bat JazzTeamServer\server
liberty.server.bat JazzTeamServer\server
start-jazz.bat JazzAuthServer
stop-jazz.bat JazzAuthServer
distributedCache.start.bat cache
distributedCache.stop.bat cache


  1. JazzTeamServer refers to the installation root for a CLM/ELM deployment (e.g. C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer)
  2. JazzAuthServer refers to the installation root for a JAS deployment (e.g. C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzAuthServer)
  3. cache refers to the installation root for a DCM deployment. By default, it is the JazzTeamServer\server\clustering\cache folder in the JTS installation, but it can be relocated.

If DCM is being used and its installation has been moved from the default location (server\clustering\cache under the JTS install root), then the Apache Procrun tool (prunsrv.exe) that is included in the JTS Liberty image must be copied to the new DCM location:

  1. In the new DCM install root folder (corresponding to the server\clustering\cache default location), create a folder named "tools", then a folder named "win" under it.
  2. Copy the JazzTeamServer\server\liberty\wlp\bin\tools\win\prunsrv.exe file to your new *tools\win" folder in your DCM installation

Register Windows services

The Running Engineering Lifecycle Management Applications as Windows Services topic describes the command line options for the new scripts. Use the -registerWinService option to define Windows services for all the CLM/ELM, JAS, and DCM servers you wish to run as services.

By default, services are registered to start manually. They can be started and stopped by running the scripts with the appropriate options, or by using the Windows Services application. You can also modify the service definitions to change the startup type to Automatic or Automatic (Delayed Start), so that the services are started whenever Windows is restarted.

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Batbat distributedCache.start.bat manage 2.9 K 2020-01-12 - 14:11 Jrvasta DCM startup script
Batbat distributedCache.stop.bat manage 1.9 K 2020-01-12 - 14:12 Jrvasta DCM shutdown script
Batbat liberty.server.bat manage 4.3 K 2020-01-12 - 14:13 Jrvasta Liberty control script for ELM
Batbat server.shutdown.bat manage 0.9 K 2020-01-12 - 14:13 Jrvasta ELM shutdown script
Batbat server.startup.bat manage 5.6 K 2020-01-12 - 14:13 Jrvasta ELM startup script
Batbat start-jazz.bat manage 3.7 K 2020-01-12 - 14:14 Jrvasta JAS startup script
Batbat stop-jazz.bat manage 1.1 K 2020-01-12 - 14:14 Jrvasta JAS shutdown script
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