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Dimension TRL LTV Recommendation Notes, References
Registered Users 1 to unlimited 13,000 6000 per single JTS Also see CLMSizingStrategy
Concurrent Users 1 to unlimited 1300 see note Perhaps the most difficult dimension to express simply, see CLMSizingStrategy
Application server disc space unlimited ## 100GB min We don't generally size hard-drives; use common sense
Database disc space unlimited ## 500GB min We don't generally size hard-drives; consult your DBAs


Dimension TRL LTV Recommendation Notes, References
Concurrent users        
Registered users        
Repository size        
Index size        
Jazz user ID length 250 bytes 250 bytes no more than 250 bytes https://jazz.net/forum/questions/123433/is-there-any-known-limitation-of-the-length-of-login-id
Instances of RTC per JTS   2    
Instances of RRC 4.x per JTS 1 1 1 https://jazz.net/forum/questions/123433/is-there-any-known-limitation-of-the-length-of-login-id
Instances of RDNG 5.x per JTS ## 3 as needed sizing article
Instances of RQM per JTS ## 2 as needed sizing article


Dimension TRL LTV Recommendation Notes, References

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