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Installing Link Index Provider (LDX) on its own Server

Authors: Richard Watts
Build basis: and later

This wiki article has been superseded by this tech note: https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/node/6348196

When we introduced the Link Index Provider (LDX) as part of the Configuration Management (CM) feature set, we decided to reduce complexity and install it along with the Jazz Team Server (JTS) on the same server. By doing this, we made the configuration largely invisible to our customers. This eliminated configuration complexity but it meant that the two applications share the single server resources. If you have a large CM enabled deployment, you might want to separate the two, putting LDX on its own server. This document describes how to do that.

The Link Index Provider is a dedicated instance of Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) which has been configured to provide a subset of the information that the traditional LQE provides. When moving LDX to its own server, we are deploying LDX in exactly the same way we would deploy LQE, but we tell the Jazz Team Server that we will be using it in an LDX capacity.


When you move LDX to its own server, the Jazz Team Server will not be able to configure LDX automatically. You (the administrator) will need to configure LDX yourself. This process is exactly the same as configuring the Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE). Specifically, you will need to add the TRS feeds yourself.

If you are migrating an existing deployment, you should consider backing up the existing data before moving LDX to its own server. These steps are covered in migration steps (which is only required if moving from an existing deployment).

(Optional) Migration Steps

  1. Backup LDX
  2. Unregister LDX
  3. Shutdown all servers
  4. Go to deployment steps below

Deployment Steps

  1. Install Liberty
  2. Install Security Certificates
  3. Deploy LDX on Liberty
  4. (Optional) Enable Single Sign On for LDX
  5. Start all servers
  6. (Optional) Restore LDX (See Restoring LQE from a backup directory)
  7. Register LDX with the Jazz Team Server (where the discovery url would be https://qualified.hostname.com:9443/ldx/scr)
  8. (Optional) Add TRS Feeds (where the LDX Admin url would be https://qualified.hostname.com:9443/ldx/web/admin/data-sources)

Configure Jazz Team Server

One you have moved the Link Index Provider to its own server, you will need to tell the Jazz Team Server (JTS) where you put it. By default, we assume it is on the same server as the JTS. You will need to change that in the advanced properties.

  1. Navigate to the Jazz Team Server Advanced Properties (https://qualified.hostname.com:9443/jts/admin)
  2. Select Manage Server
  3. Select Advanced Properties
  4. Locate (In your browser use the find feature to locate com.ibm.team.links.service.internal.LinkIndexService)
  5. Edit the property Link Index Provider URL (https://qualified.hostname.com:9443/ldx)
  6. Save your changes


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