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Build basis: 6.0.5

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This provides the results of the server diagnostics which by default runs every 70 minutes. This is useful to track the status of the periodic execution of server diagnostics.

Advanced Property

You enable this bean by setting Enable Diagnostic Metrics Mbean to true



Frequency: 70 Minutes


Attribute Description Type
nodeId This is the application node id in case the CLM application is clustered. Otherwise value is NA String
creationTimeStamp This is the time when the MBean was updated with a snapshot of the relevant data Timestamp
host This is the host name where the CLM application is running String
port This is the port number where the CLM application is accessible on the host. The value is -1 if the port is not set. int
contextRoot This is the application root context for the CLM application String
nodeId This is the application node id in case the CLM application is clustered String
Domain This is the namespace for the application under which the MBean data is published String
duration This is the time taken in milliseconds to execute the diagnostic for this test id Integer
startTime This is the start time of the diagnostic for this test id Timestamp
statusDesc This is the message describing the status String
detailStatusDesc This is the detailed message describing the outcome of the diagnostic String
status This is the status of the diagnostic. Values are OK, WARN or ERROR String
testId This is id of this specific diagnostic String

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