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Technical leaders and senior editors nomination process

Authors: JosephPesot, RalphEarle, StevenBeard
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The Deployment wiki community encourages IBM customers and partners, as well as members of Rational staff to nominate deployment experts as potential members of the Deployment wiki technical leaders and senior editors group (aka TWikiDeploymentAuthorsGroup). Members of this group have full write access to all pages of the Deployment wiki as described in the Deployment wiki access control policy.

Overview of the nomination process

Nominations to this group will be submitted, reviewed, tracked and ultimately approved or rejected via RTC work items.

Each nomination will be entered as a single work item and include relevant data regarding the nominated individual.

A critical aspect of a nomination to this group will be the identification of an IBM Rational Sponsor.

Finally, each nomination should also include a Brief justification for the nomination, and include elements such as the individual's deployment background, types of environments supported or deployed, and so on.

Submitting a nomination

The steps to submitting a nomination are as follows:

  1. Create a new work item from the Technical leader nomination template.
  2. Add the requested information to the work item Description.
  3. Add the nominee name and sponsor name to the work item summary where indicated: Technical Leader Nomination - [nominee name] - sponsor: [sponsor name]
  4. Save the work item.

Note: Please do not include any other personal or confidential information about the nominee in the work item.

Nomination approval process

Nominations to the technical leaders and senior editors group will require approval from the identified IBM Rational Sponsor and the whole Community technical leaders and senior editors committee. Nominees will be contacted within two weeks of their nomination form being submitted to inform them of the decision.

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